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South Pacific County Community Foundation

"My favorite feature is revenue sharing... I laugh every single time I use it!"

Pain Points

Spreadsheets, lots of spreadsheets. I got very tired of slogging through multiple spreadsheets, and worried that important information was not being shared or fully accessible to our board. I heard about CommunitySuite software through Hilary Canty of Orcas Island Community Foundation. 

Working With Foundant

There's always someone there to help us out. It's been wonderful. As the Executive Director I am relieved that we now use such an accessible, flexible system with so much capacity. Now we have room to grow. Our repeat donors especially like the fund reports, because they can see the impacts of their donations over time. 

Key Features

As the treasurer,  I had to plan a full day to pull accounts together every month for board meetings. Now, I log in and make PDFs of the relavent reports and it only takes a few minutes.  I also kept donor databases and boxes of files to find grantees, etc. Much of the organization history and transactions were in my brain. Now most of this content is in one place, in the cloud, and accessible to the board. Now, if something happens to me tomorrow, our foundation moves forward without a hitch. 

About the Author

Community and faith-based foundations bring together resources from individuals, families, and organizations to improve the lives of all. Investing in the right systems for your organization means ROI beyond dollar signs. Learn how organizations like yours have adopted our integrated fund-accounting and CRM system to effectively manage operations and freed up the capacity to break down silos, grow programs, build teams, and impact constituents.

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