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Pinon Grant Solutions

We have been able to focus more time and effort on product and service development, marketing, and business growth. We have shifted from a one-person grant writing service to a more comprehensive consulting service with increased capacity for clients and grantseeking.

Pain Points

We needed an all-in-one grant management system that would allow us to track grants for different clients. Prior, we were using MS Excel, MS Outlook Calendar, Google Drive to manage our grants. Being organized and tracking deadlines were difficult using these various systems for grants.


GrantHub allows us to track work for multiple clients. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. The reporting features allow us to easily and quickly report on grant activity for multiple clients, and we’re organized and don’t miss deadlines. We can streamline and coordinate grantseeking and writing processes between internal and subcontracted writers. Being more efficient with grants activity tracking and management frees up time to develop other services and marketable tools for our practice, and to solicit new clients. 

About the Author

Nonprofits and grantseekers rely on efficiency and capacity building to make an impact on the world. Learn how Foundant's grantseeker clients have saved time, built strong funder relationships, eliminated tedious tasks, and maximized their impact by investing in solutions that make sense for their organizations.

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