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McLaughlin Family Foundation

McLaughlin Family Foundation offered to purchase one year of GrantHub software for each major grantee. We offered the option to all of our major grantees. All chose to participate. 

Pain Points

Overall, we want more foundations and corporations to have the opportunity to invest in the important work that our grantees do, and this seemed like a good way to help them. Grantees shared the challenges of staying organized, maintaining files/records, and remembering deadlines. We like things with a solid ROI, and this system provides measurable results. It takes time to set it up, and someone must put effort into the program, but the results are excellent. 

Our grantees, for the most part, loved using GrantHub and had impressive results. The ones that had the best results were the ones that had someone who invested several days of setup work into GrantHub to get started. One organization was able to justify hiring a full-time grant writer. Another tripled the number of grants they requested, with phenomenal results for their organization. 


I could go on for pages about the many useful features and benefits, but the bottom line is that GrantHub is designed to make the grant-writing process as efficient and effective as possible. The team at GrantHub has thought of nearly everything, from strategic level planning and research to granular details like being able to set how far out you want your custom deadlines. If they haven't thought of it and you have, then they welcome suggestions and new ideas. I appreciate the in-person training, benefited from a few phone calls when I was first learning, and always felt cared for with quick email/chat replies when I needed extra help. 

Someone from the organization has to do the setup—populating and ongoing upkeep—and when that is done,  the results are nothing less than astonishing. More grants, better grants, and probably more funding! 

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