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We have a quarterly board meeting coming up and our Executive Director commented, when provided with a report for the fiscal year, that it was the first time we will have gotten the whole picture of grants in various stages of development for the year. 

Pain Points

Our Director of Grants Development came into the position following an individual who was in the role for two years. She did an outstanding job with Excel, Gannt charts, and various templates that she had developed for tasks and timelines. Excel was probably the best tool we were using, but we had dozens of different sheets in many files to track dates and renewals, grants awarded, etc. and lots of hard copy files with grants and grant agreements. When the new director accepted this position, the Executive Director couldn’t communicate the grant success rate or submission rate. It is variable, but mostly it wasn’t being captured in any one place. 


The most important reason for moving to GrantHub was to organize opportunities and share them with programs so we could be more proactive. The second was getting years of files of information into one system to track history and experience with funders. Task management was a big priority. Grab a quick list of grants in process and due dates. Before, we relied on a big white board. We can now set up reminders for anyone within our organization. 

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