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Great Falls Public Schools Foundation

For students, it’s easier because they’re so used to typing everything. The handwriting on some of the paper forms was atrocious. We haven’t had any complaints from the students and then teachers seem to like it a lot better for grants. It’s a more streamlined process.

Pain Points

We had 71 applications and 21 of those were awarded. We did all of that with paper, and when you start to think about the time we spent having to make copies of all 71 applications for 10 reviewers and then go through the review process… it was time costly, to say the least.


Since adopting the Foundant software, it has been much more efficient for us, we end up taking less of our board and staff members’ time. The board members like that they can not only review online, but we come together and meet in the boardroom where summary sheets are brought up for discussion and they can make their final selections with no paper involved. We’re now looking at expanding, and Foundant’s services will allow us to do that.

About the Author

Grantmakers and funders have been able to build, cultivate, and encourage stronger relationships by eliminating tedious manual entry work. Learn how implementing the right grants management system (GMS) has allowed Foundant clients to move away from task-oriented work, utilize data to drive important decisions, and focus on the bigger picture to help drive impact.

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