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Cancer Support Community Montana

I've got more time and energy to build these important relationships because GrantHub helps us keep track of everything else so much better than before.

Pain Points

Our team is small so everyone has multiple responsibilities. Our biggest challenges are finding grants that fit our organization, keeping track of each grant opportunity, and remembering when a grant proposal or report is due. We also need to keep everyone informed and make sure they have access to both historical and current information. And since our intern team changes every semester, we need a way to organize the information they find, and smoothly transition their responsibilities. Our Executive Director needed to set up our grant process so that other individuals could write our smaller grants.


It was easy to plan our year by setting up the upcoming grant opportunities at the beginning of the year. With all our past funders in GrantHub, it will take less time to copy another grant or sponsor funding request into the future. We can easily identify what is coming due over the next few months. We are no longer missing grant deadlines and reporting due dates. Our Executive Director can check on a regular basis and see what’s due at the blink of an eye: both tasks and opportunities. We can see who is following up on their funding responsibilities on time, and who is falling behind. With GrantHub, we now have the confidence to delegate more tasks across the team – without losing visibility to the progress. This is a really significant benefit to our organization.

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Nonprofits and grantseekers rely on efficiency and capacity building to make an impact on the world. Learn how Foundant's grantseeker clients have saved time, built strong funder relationships, eliminated tedious tasks, and maximized their impact by investing in solutions that make sense for their organizations.

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