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Bozeman Area Community Foundation

Foundant’s products solve real problems and their customer service is so helpful, so we didn’t hesitate to try GrantHub to track our own grant deadlines and funders. 

Pain Points

Prior to implementing GrantHub, we kept a file folder for every funder. Our Executive Director would track deadlines and reminders in her calendar, and all files were saved on her laptop in various folders. We didn’t have the ability to pull reports that told us what grants were awarded, and for how much. Also, it was difficult to see where each grant was in the process. There was no easy way to assemble and consolidate this information.


With GrantHub, it is easy to transition repetitive tasks and research work to interns. The process and information is much more transferrable, organized, and easy for someone new to step in and be productive with little training. We’re now able to have interns do prospect research and populate our Answer Library in GrantHub. Our Executive Director can assign other staff members tasks and know they are tracked and reminders will be sent. And staff can easily set tasks for one another. This helps us collaborate much more efficiently.

About the Author

Nonprofits and grantseekers rely on efficiency and capacity building to make an impact on the world. Learn how Foundant's grantseeker clients have saved time, built strong funder relationships, eliminated tedious tasks, and maximized their impact by investing in solutions that make sense for their organizations.

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