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Oakville Community Foundation

"It's really amazing to be heard and then to see your needs addressed. "

Pain Points

I have 12 years of experience using another database, a very big player in the market and you could send them ideas for years and years and it felt like it was falling on deaf ears. As part of Canadian Revenue Agency regulations, we needed to have tax receipt numbers on all of the donation receipts that we send out, which is not an American requirement. We had deep conversations with Foundant about the requirement s around this and pushed for this to be added. They listened to us and our other Canadian counterparts. We were heard and Foundant added that change. That was exciting... to think that was something our team put forward and now it's there to live in perpetuity in the software. 

Making the Change

I don't always know if people just need to experience Foundant's customer service to understand, but I'm always so surprised how just a simple email to our CSM, Mike, but the end of the day or by the time I leave, he's got that answered and sorted. Whether or not it's via email or if I want a quick call, they are always willing to make themselves available whenever they're needed. 

They are all so well trained... they know their stuff. There's nothing I can ask them that they can't answer. And then, how unusual is it that the president of a company is calling to check in with us? I'm not the CEO, but every few months he calls to just see how it's going, what do you need? It's really amazing to be heard and then to see your needs addressed. 

About the Author

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