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The Philanthropy Experience

Our experiences tie us together in infinite and inexplicable ways. Every connection, every new relationship, every mission, and vision are tied to experiences...and they continue to build on one another.


Grantmaking experience, technology experience, grant writing experience, fundraising experience


Experiencing the results of a job well done, a grant made, or a successful program…


Collectively experiencing the good this sector does each day…


Learning from one another’s experience in this multifaceted industry…


Working to give others experiences through our collective knowledge…


Little Boy on Ladder in Clouds

A year ago we hatched an idea. Could we gather our community of grantmakers and grantseekers to leverage their collective experience, knowledge, and advice? Was there an abundance of information we could learn and share to help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community? We surveyed our community and…


We heard from over 200 grantmakers and grantseekers, morphing our idea into a mission. The knowledge shared in the survey, in the resulting white papers and blogs, in our conversations with clients and partners, during conferences and User Groups, and through emails and networking - has set us up to create an awesome educational experience.


The Foundant Philanthropy Experience is a mission to use and share the knowledge and experience of our community. We are committed to doing the legwork and laying the groundwork for educational content that can be built upon and shared. We’re aiming high - for tools the philanthropic sector can use to create better grantmaking, stronger grant writing, more efficient teams, cleaner data, and increased collaboration. We’re striving for content that can bolster the launch of new careers, build stronger organizations, or create direction for those who are experienced in the sector to reinvent processes or visions. For content that leaves a lasting impact, changing and adapting along with the sector.


As a technology vendor in the philanthropic sector, our mission is simple, and has little to do with our products:


Maximize the impact of the philanthropic community.


Our mission doesn’t involve creating innovative software because we recognize technology is only a small part of the bigger picture. The philanthropic sector’s work focuses on so much more than what’s available on a computer.


We know, this all sounds like a lofty goal. But, isn’t that what philanthropy is about? Reach for the stars and go as far as you can!


We’ve thought this through. This fall, follow along as we host a series of educational webinars, create new content designed for you, and revamp some of our old. You’ll be able to keep an eye on all of it by visiting or following #PhilanthropyExperience on social media.




September 20th: The Funder’s Role in Data Collection, Tracking, and Usage


*LIVE Session at Exponent Philanthropy Conference - For Impact: Get Your Team and Funding Processes on the Same Page – Friday, September 28th at 3:00 PM Eastern


GuideStar: Updating Your Nonprofit Profile 


October 30th: Funder-Grantee Relationships: Getting to Impact Together

About the Author

For more than a decade, Foundant Technologies has specialized exclusively in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through intuitive technology solutions. All of our cloud-based solutions focus on grantmaker, grantseeker, scholarship provider and community foundation needs with the goal to make day-to-day tasks streamlined and help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community.

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