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Project Management: The Foundation of Strong Grant Writing

A smiling woman using a laptop with the title of this article overlaid, “Project Management: The Foundation of Strong Grant Writing”

Deadlines, unfamiliar requirements, and flows of information coming in from different teams as you craft a grant proposal—it can be a lot to handle! 

This is why project management skills are so important for grant writers.  

Those who can effectively manage projects are the ones who drive the greatest results for their organizations or clients. Better organization leads to less rushing and higher quality. As you learn more about the grant landscape, you can confidently prioritize your opportunities and become an efficient grant writing powerhouse. 

However, project management skills are often easily neglected. Even as you master the grant writing process, all the pieces can’t come together to make a winning proposal without a clear plan for actually getting the work done.  

What are the project management skills essential for successful grant writing? We’ll group them into three categories: