Project Management Is About People, Not Projects

As nonprofit and government grant professionals, we are tasked to do many different things. I bet that your daily workload encompasses far more tasks than what is listed in your job description. How do we do everything, and do it well?

One important note is that people work on projects, and that projects are not autonomous as they cannot run themselves. Therefore, the question is, how can we be better at people management or understanding how to run projects more effectively while considering how people work?

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Capture Workloads – There are competing deadlines, leadership priorities, required action items, etc. Make sure that critical deadlines are not in competition with one another.


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Resource Capacity – Make sure that resources are in place to ensure that people are able to be successful at different times during the year. Are there heavy workload cycles in the spring vs. the fall? Is there an annual gala that requires all hands on deck from everyone at the organization?


Work Together


Work Together – Think through solutions collectively so that there is no top-down approach, or else a bottom-up approach will emerge that may be at odds with leadership direction.




Fiscal Year Planning – Come together to map out your fiscal year plan so that everyone is on the same page and leadership approves of this direction.



While there are many other factors that make people excel as project managers, these provide some snippets about considerations you can make now. Interested in learning more? Join me on Thursday, August 16th at 12 pm EST during my webinar: Project Management and Grants – Going Beyond the Checklists.

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Rachel Werner

Rachel Werner is the Owner and CEO of RBW Strategy, LLC and provides grants and project management consulting support to nonprofits, government and business entities.

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