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In 2019, Choose Kind

As we begin a new year, we often find ourselves reflecting on what is important or what we want to work on improving. I have many things on my list, but one topic I am constantly perplexed by is, how we treat one another. My son’s elementary school has adopted the slogan “Choose Kind” and I am touched seeing signs with this slogan throughout the school each time I'm there. It really is as simple as the fact that we can choose. We can choose to be kind or mean, we can choose to give great service or bad service, we can choose to set a positive or negative example for others. I could go on and on. Ultimately though, we can choose to bring our best self to everything we do and treat one another with kindness, one interaction at a time.

Some values that help me stay on track to Choose Kind are:

  • Smile – any other option just seems silly and depressing
  • Treat others as you’d like to be treated – the opposite of this just doesn’t make any sense
  • Listen – really care about what is being said... you can learn so much
  • Do what you say – be honest with yourself and the people you make commitments to
  • No problem is too big to solve (really) – even mountains can be climbed
  • Have fun – laughter can boost anyone’s spirits and build stomach muscles
  • Be humble – you can always learn more
  • It is okay to disagree – just be agreeable in the approach and respect other opinions
  • Say thank you – the world needs your appreciation
  • Have empathy – put yourself in someone else’s shoes and attempt to understand
  • Progress, not perfection – it’s about the journey
  • Go the extra mile – do the thing that isn’t being asked to really make someone’s day

As the Director of Client Services at Foundant Technologies, I find Choosing Kind to be particularly important in work life as well. While in a meeting or walking the halls I hear people say, “That’s Being Foundant,” which encompasses many of the same concepts as Choose Kind. I am truly blessed to be part of an organization that encompasses this set of core values and surrounded by team members, friends, and family who also follow many of these core values. I come across perplexing situations every day, but I find comfort and understanding as part of an organization that holds such a high standard in sharing these values with others, one interaction at a time.

“If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
(Kickstart your 2019 with the Choose Kind Campaign:

About the Author

As Foundant’s VP of Client Services, I thrive on seeing my team bring successful clients onboard with Foundant and then strengthen those relationships through a commitment to exceptional service. Originally from Minnesota, I made Montana home with my family over 13 years ago. I have a technical background focused on customer service delivery with a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Florida. I have successfully performed roles in support, project management, consulting, and leading and managing teams in both professional services and customer success. I am excited to share my experiences to help further drive improvements to support the philanthropic community as well as the entire Foundant team.

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