It’s already been a BUSY Fall! Let’s take a break and smile with this “old school” gem from Amanda Day, GPC…

BoomBoxWhen the Grant Professionals Association announced that their 2016 annual conference would be held in Atlanta, Georgia (home of the Georgia Grant Professionals Association chapter of which I am a member), many of us began to imagine those extra touches the local host committee would bring to the table. We quickly established that fond memories of past conferences didn’t necessarily include the workshops where we learn new practices to further our careers, but rather fun-filled happenings. Right away we knew that southern hospitality, peaches, and sweet tea would have to be involved. But that was just the beginning.

Because I have a love for old school rap (Baby Got Back is my go-to karaoke), I knew right away a grant rap was in order, and luckily for me, my partner in crime Sylvia is always willing to back up my crazy ideas.

Revisiting our rap has me pumped for the 2017 GPA Annual Conference in San Diego. I’m so excited to see all this fine city has to offer, how GPA is going to knock our socks off again this year, and hug the necks of my grant peeps I’m lucky enough to call friends.

If you missed us live and in person during the 2016 opening session at the conference, you can check out the lyrics below. And remember WORD TO YOUR FUNDER!

Grants, Grants Baby – best performed to the tune Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

Lyrics Written By Amanda Day

Yo, GPA, let’s kick it!
Grants Grants baby
Grants Grants baby

All right stop
Haven’t seen y’all in so long
Georgia’s back with a brand new rap song
RFPs with deadlines so crazy
One more budget change got me feeling so hazy
Will it ever stop?
Yo, answer’s no
Working ‘round the clock, I can’t go
To the extreme, I rock an app like a vandal
Checking out Twitter with the coolest ever handle
Research those NOFAs by noon
The rest of the day feel like hiding in your room
All those federal requirements
Logic models that simply make no sense
Love it or leave it
You better gain way
You better hit bull’s eye
The feds don’t play
When there is a deadline,
Yo I’ll meet it
Check out my goals while my budget gets added

Grants, grants baby
So many
Grants, grants baby, federal
Grants, grants baby, foundation
Grants, grants baby, they ain’t free

Now that this conference is jumping
With the peach goodies; heartbeats are all pumpin’
Workshops on point, to the point no faking
I’m learning grant rules, things like Davis-Bacon, foundation directory online
I love all the tools that keep me on time
I’m making friends, never have to go solo
Writing on my new PC
Creating PDFs and excel spreadsheets
Editors on standby
Cuz mistakes ain’t no lie
Will you stop?
No, I’m getting by
Keep pursuing to the next award
Bringing in millions so I’m never ever bored
Serving clients
Yo so I created programs that rock – MEETING OBJECTIVES
Grant reports mean great evaluations
Data so good, a solid foundation
Create, a dissemation plan
Results so good turn your funder to a fan
Ready to earn your G P C
Show the world you’ve earned your chops and you have a right to be
Among the cream of the crop
New resume
Then you got the job
Cheering with your fellow grant pros
Excited from, head to your toes
Conference to conference your learning new skills
You’re trying to catch up: DATA Act and other bills.

Kelli, Barb, and Mike
Live up to the hype
GPA Board, they’re serving all us grantees
If there was a problem
Yo, they’ll solve it
Check out the goods at the silent auction table

Grants, grants baby we write those
Grants, grants baby federal
Grants, grants baby foundation
Grants, grants baby it’s a skill


About the Author

Amanda Day

Amanda Day, GPC, is a Grant Writing USA trainer and former municipal grants administrator turned consultant with 17 years’ experience. She’s the Fundraising HayDay Podcast co-host and Board Member of the Grant Professionals Association. Amanda is a total book nerd, grant geek, and music lover. Follow her and her podcast on Twitter: @wholewheatgirl & @fundinghayday.

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