Foundant Meet Ups: Adventures in Minnesota

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MN Meet Up
Saint Paul, MN Meet Up
June 23, 2015

We held our first Foundant Meet Up in Minnesota on June 23rd. Six of us gathered after work in Saint Paul where we connected over our use of the Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) system. It was nice to see some familiar faces and to meet a few new users.

With such an intimate group, it was easy for all of us to engage in great conservation and to share the different ways we are using the software. I sat back and listened to the conversation and noticed the positive energy that was taking place. Those who had been using the software longer were eager to answer questions and to give tips to the folks that were new to GLM. And, in reverse, those that were new to using the software were happily taking notes and were experiencing that “a-hah” reaction. The “common thread of collaborative learning” that Betty mentioned in her You Fly, We Buy blog was taking place.

This is the same energy and community that I’ve noticed at Foundant Summits. It doesn’t matter if there are over 100 or just six Foundant users gathered, there is a connection that occurs. Even without a Foundant staff member present, the typical positive “Foundant energy” was taking place among us.

The Minnesota group decided we’d like to meet quarterly and we plan to gather again in September. If you’re in the area, stay tuned for a date to be announced soon. If you are thinking of pulling together a Meet Up, I found it very easy to pull together… Darah did all the work.


Kristen Cullen
Kristen Cullen, HRK Foundation Associate


Kristen Cullen has implemented GLM at both the Carolyn Foundation and HRK Foundation, is currently the Foundation Associate at HRK Foundation, and has been working in the grants management field since 2010. Kristen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She enjoys the combination of working with a family and fostering relationships with non-profit organizations near and far to create a positive impact on communities.



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