Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude: Why Giving Back is Our Culture

Philanthropy is a community of humanitarians, people who improve lives and transform hearts. This impact inspires us to dive in and do our part.

Philanthropy is at the heart of Foundant and this February we’re taking it a step further:

1% of New Business

During the month of February, we are reinvesting 1% of all new business back into the philanthropic sector. Heart to Heart Global Cardiac Care is a tightly woven network of advanced cardiac specialists and program development experts who work together as volunteers to develop new self-sustaining regional children’s heart centers where thousands of children born with heart defects can undergo life-saving treatment.”

The impact of the dollars given has a duplicative effect. 1% is being invested not just to fund activities at Heart to Heart but to fund infrastructure, a model that can continue to evolve and provide every child with life-saving treatments. 

Foundant’s Heart is in Philanthropy. 

Workplaces with a culture of appreciation, positive energy, and a sense of value give organizations a heartbeat, purpose, direction, and a standard of behavior that motivates teams to aspire to greatness. This kind of culture applies internally but even more so to those the organization serves.

“One thing I’ve learned is that the best for-profit companies focus obsessively on just a few things–the needs or desires of their customers, the quality of their product or service, and the character and skills of their people. If they serve their customers well, hire well and treat their people well, they will thrive. Revenues and profits will follow; they are essential to a company, but they are not its reason for being. ”

Marc Gunther, Editor and Writer at Nonprofit Chronicles

Passion Is Contagious

Passion is what fuels many of those working in the philanthropic sector; and when passion drives what you do, it is easy to let it overflow into all aspects of life, often sparking inspiration and motivation in others. Philanthropy leverages resources and relationships to create impact. It is a team effort between grantseekers and grantmakers to make changes and feed growth that cannot be done alone. The “meaning of life” for those at the heart of philanthropy is not to be the biggest and the best but to serve, give, and tackle social issues. Philanthropy has established a culture of giving, and giving is an expression of what you stand for, where your heart is, and where you seek to make a difference.

At Foundant, we are inspired and driven by each one of our clients, their hard work, and their dedication to the sector. Therefore, we expect more of ourselves - to be more than software, to invest in client relationships (not just dollars), and to never give up on solving pain points for our clients as well as celebrating their triumphs. From these relationships, we have the opportunity to work hand in hand with passionate individuals who spark fires in the hearts of the Foundant team.

Thank you for sharing your passion with us. You have created an attitude of gratitude within the walls of our organization.

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