Celebrating April with Time, Trees, and Treasures

Imagine if 1% of the world’s population each gave just 1% of their time? This seemingly small investment translates to over 6,750,000,000 hours to drive change. What else can 1% do?

1% may seem small, but as we continue to build a community that meets challenges head-on by teaming up and growing together, small change becomes a catalyst for large impact. 

“I provide as many resources as I can to as many people as I can. When we empower the people around us, all ships rise."

-Mariko Sarafin with The Alaska Community Foundation

April is an exciting month - we're getting our first real glimpses of spring, the sun is a little brighter, the air a little fresher, and the philanthropic community celebrates some of its most important events. . .

To show our appreciation and joy for being able to work in this sector, we are giving time, trees, and treasure back to the philanthropic community! But more on that in a minute. . . 

Over 20 million Americans came together in April 1970 to launch the first-ever Earth Day, a modern environmental movement which has continued to gain traction ever since. Earth day has been the catalyst for a global movement to protect against damages caused by pollution in all its forms, and the list of ways the Earth Day Network is creating change continues to grow. . .

           Climate Change Makes Hurricanes Worse

           End Plastic Pollution

           Reforestation Projects Map

           Deforestation and Poverty

           Deforestation and Climate Change

           Restoring the Urban Tree Canopy

           Planting Trees at Schools

                       And the list continues….

Recharging with fresh air, mountain tops, or a beautiful sunset on your morning drive are privileges we often mistake for rights or constants. But without continued effort toward conserving the earth, whether that is through our hands or our pockets, these simple liberties are at a very real risk.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania my friends and I hiked and rode our bikes on local trails all over town. They were all on private property, but it was a small town and we were all neighbors, so nobody worried about trespassing. As they say, “times have changed.” Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy time in the woods or on a quiet trail around town. As the population grows in our valley land which would provide this opportunity will quickly turn into neighborhoods and businesses. Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) helps to preserve the environment through their work with landowners plus creating healthy opportunities for people and pets through trail creation. Maintaining and supporting these opportunities is vital to keeping our community a great place to live. This is why I help when I can and support GVLT.

               Heidi Balus, Foundant Technologies

So what about time, trees, and treasures?!

We do not think of ourselves as a software company - we define ourselves as a partner to the philanthropic community and do everything we can to help maximize the impact of that community. We are a team, rolling up our sleeves and harnessing our passion to drive change. 

During the month of April, we are thrilled to do #OurPartForThePlanet by investing. . .


This Earth Day the Foundant team is hitting the trails! Lewis & Clark Cavern State Park boasts an awesome trail system, but like any publicly used land, it suffers from human carelessness. We believe our parks should be enjoyable for everyone! That’s why we’re grabbing our families and getting to work to whip those trails back into shape on April 22nd!


For every person who attends either our April 24th CommunitySuite demonstration webinar OR one of our Grant Lifecycle Manager Demonstration Webinars on April 11th or May 9th, we’ll plant a tree in your honor!


During the month of April, we are thrilled to reinvest 1% of new business back into the philanthropic sector and you can be a part of it when you become a new client!

Ready to learn more and help drive that 1%? Drop us a line and we’ll get the conversation started!

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