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Candid: Actionable, Reliable Data – at the click of a button

In the ever-evolving landscape of philanthropy, staying well-informed and connected is essential for funders seeking to make a meaningful impact. Enter Candid. Born from the 2019 merger between Foundation Center - a global powerhouse in philanthropic information - and GuideStar - the largest source of information on US nonprofits, Candid has since been a reliable and committed provider of usable, accurate data. They have also been a leader in considering how data can be efficiently shared across the sector--leading to the launch of Demographics via Candid. Foundant is proud to be the first grant management solution partner to launch integration with the Demographics via Candid profile share.

Candid in Grants Management 

Countless funders rely on Candid's information to support their work and make better decisions for their missions. Access to this information aids funders in discovering, researching, and supporting organizations aligned with their priorities, fostering a collective mission of positive impact.   

Using Candid on its own or leveraging it as an integration within your grants management system allows you to conduct a Candid profile search and understand more about each nonprofit organization. This includes their public profile, including a glance at the nonprofit's location, mission statement, and tax ID.  You can also access various details, including general information, IRS standing, 990s, community feedback, and past funders.


Here is an example of how Candid might show up in your grants management software 

Grant Applications  

From an applicant experience perspective, the Demographics via Candid integration is especially useful in streamlining the grant application process. This feature allows you to provide questions the applicant's Candid profile can automatically answer. Understanding that there is often some sensitivity around data sharing, nonprofits may elect to share some or all of their demographic information in their Candid profile. If the applicant does not have a very thorough profile in Candid, they may still need to manually provide information based on application requirements.

TIP: Encourage your applicants to keep their Candid profiles updated. This will help their efficiency in the long run! 

For those who choose to participate, applicants receive a break in the often arduous process of applying for multiple grants, as the integration allows their Candid profile to auto-populate answers from their Candid profile. Imagine the time savings for an applicant able to import repetitive data requests from their Candid profile with the click of a button.  

An Ongoing Challenge 

While we continue to make strides towards automation, information sharing, and collaboration – the sheer breadth of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors makes these goals an ongoing challenge. Candid stands as a vital partner and tool for anyone seeking to take on this challenge and make better decisions with valuable, accurate insights and data.  

TIP: Candid is seamlessly integrated into Foundant's Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM). Candid empowers users to conduct profile searches, streamline grant applications, and maximize the impact of their philanthropic efforts. Our commitment to efficiency and support made this strategic integration a priority. If you'd like to learn more about GLM, our dedicated team is ready to help.  

Barriers to funding success – both for nonprofits and funders – often come down to capacity or data restraints. Without accurate, reliable information and the time to process and/or share it in meaningful ways, organizations get stuck in the minutia of tasks. Help your organization and your grantees by learning more about this forward-thinking tool and harnessing it for your mission. 

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