Cynthia Adams

Cynthia has been dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations identify and secure the funding they need to do their good work for well over 40 years. She founded GrantStation because she believes that grantseeking requires a thorough understanding of the funders and sound knowledge of the philanthropic playing field. Her life's work has been to level that playing field, creating opportunities for all nonprofit organizations, regardless of size or geographic location, to secure grant support.

  • The Art of Securing Local Business Support1:33:15

    The Art of Securing Local Business Support

    Learn how to use current trends in corporate giving to your advantage at the local level, implement helpful guidelines when making the ‘ask’, and more, in this on-demand webinar.

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  • Re-imagine Your Grant Proposals1:33:13

    Re-imagine Your Grant Proposals

    Learn to re-imagine how you present basic documents such as your budget, organizational description, and board and staff bios so they add significant credibility to your request.

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  • Build a Powerful Grants Strategy1:42:14

    Build a Powerful Grants Strategy

    Cynthia Adams - CEO of GrantStation, discusses how to design and adopt a Grant Decision Matrix, a step by step process for identifying the right grantmaker(s) for a program, and more.

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  • Make Your Grant Requests Stand Out1:33:35

    Make Your Grant Requests Stand Out

    Make Your Grant Requests Stand Out will give you a clear picture of exactly which documents you should have at hand and how to present them in a way that leads to successful grants requests.

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  • The Golden Key to Successful Grant Requests1:30:48

    The Golden Key to Successful Grant Requests

    The need statement is arguably the most important part of the grant proposal. Uncover the most effective methods for documenting the need, as well as ways to use that information to engage the reader.

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